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Society and companies are currently facing huge changes. The reason for this is the rapid advance of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many decisions in our day-to-day lives are already supported or automatically made by AI. “Artificial Intelligence” is a term that covers two distinct areas: one is general AI, which behaves similarly to a human, and the other is narrow AI, which actually outperforms humans in specific tasks. While artificial general intelligence has yet to be developed, artificial narrow intelligence has already achieved a number of remarkable successes, e.g. in medicine and merchandise management.

The Master in Artificial Intelligence online is broad in scope and will deepen your knowledge of machine learning. The 60-ECTS variant of the study programme gives you the opportunity to acquire specific knowledge in the fields of computer-based language and image processing, smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0, or autonomous vehicles. In addition, the 120-ECTS variant offers further opportunities for specialisation.
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94 % of IU's graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating

On top of that, 97% of our students would recommend studying with IU International University of Applied Sciences. This information was reported by more than 3,000 Alumni who took part in our 2020 Service Evaluation.

These excellent results are based on the fact that, in addition to teaching professional expertise, IU International University of Applied Sciences focuses on training social and intercultural competence. IU is proud of its graduates and the impressive careers they have built.

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1 Year Online Masters


Study completely online and get a master's degree from IU. 
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2 Years Online Masters


Study completely online and get a master's degree from IU. 
100% Online
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Admission Process

Step 1
Complete Application
Step 2
Submit Documents
Step 3
Receive Offer Letter
Step 4
Reserve Your Spot

Degree Curriculum

Semester 1

• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Use Case and Evaluation
• Reinforcement Learning
• Seminar: Current Topics in AI
• Project: AI Use Case

Semester 2

• Elective A
• Master Thesis

Electives Overview

Elective A
In your 2nd semester, you'll need to choose an elective module, which you can choose from one of the following modules:

Computer Vision and NLP
• Advanced Robotics 4.0
• Applied Autonomous Driving



Boost your career with dual degree

Dual Degree - London School of Business - DevNation Abroad
Extra degree, double the career advantage

With the IU International University of Applied Sciences and LSBU (London South Bank University) dual degree track, offered in selected study programmes, you can study at IU like any other student, and choose if you want to earn a British degree alongside your German certificate. And the best part: to earn your dual degree, no extra work is needed. You only need to pay a one-time fee of 750€.

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Our students come from LUMS, FAST, NUST and top universities from Pakistan.
100+ Lives Transformed & Counting!
Abdur Rehman
Batch 1, Software Engineer
"With the IU Master, I was able to acquire valuable strategic-global leadership skills that are very much in demand in today's jobs."
Zeenat Parveen
Batch 1, Frontend Engineer
"DevNation is a prime choice to learn web development skill. Very skilled teachers with quality of advanced knowledge and great mentoring skills. Learn new skill with practical work and get professional experience. Best recommended platform to improve your skills and make your career successful"
Fariha Rajput
Software Engineer
"I feel better prepared to dealing with uncomfortable issues and challenging coding problems. I feel proud to be a part of this tremendous training. Words cannot express how much this training means to me and I am grateful to the DevNation Team"
Hamza Masood
Software Engineer
"DevNation is a great platform which has helped me to gear up with new skills. Thank you for getting me over the hurdles, having faith in my abilities, and having the skills to get me where I needed to go. I couldn’t have done it without you"
Mutahir Ali
Frontend Developer
"This is a very great platform. I am learning market required skills in a very effective and fast way. Through this platform one can easily learn how to work professionally in a job setting"


Can I get accepted even if I don't have a CS background?

Yes. You will be accepted into Masters in Computer Science if you have degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

When can I apply for Masters?

IU accepts new admissions on rolling basis.

What is the admission process?

Following are the key steps in the application process:

Step 1 - Complete the Online Application.
Fill out the application form with your academic and career details. 

Step 2: Get Shortlisted & Receive the Offer Letter
Our admissions committee will review your profile. Upon being selected, an offer letter will be sent to you confirming your admission.

When will I go to Germany?

You will complete the first semester online, while completing your visa application. All semesters after your first semester will be in Germany.

How much is the application fees?

Application fees is €200.

How much is the total tuition fees?

Total cost of the masters degree is 5012 Euros.

Tuition fees for the first semester (online) is 1117 Euros

Tuition fees for the second semester (Germany) is 3894 Euros

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