4 Reasons to Become a Software Developer in Pakistan

January 19, 2022

There are so many reasons to become a software developer in Pakistan, but we have shortlisted the top four ones for you.

  1. Greater employment opportunities 

The post-Covid world is digitizing fast and tech is penetrating every aspect of our lives from finance to manufacturing, and from retail to healthcare. This consequently means that software engineers have the opportunity to work in every industry that uses software, which virtually includes all the industries in today's world, making the scope of software engineering broader than any other branch of engineering. This has made software engineering a very high-paying career choice while letting you indulge in more than one interest. 

  1. Diversity in responsibilities

The width of options available to software engineers with regards to their responsibilities, ranging from coding, directing projects, testing software, and making new innovations, makes it one of the most versatile fields. 

  1. Get a High Paying Job

The average base salary for a software engineer in Pakistan is reported to be around Rs. 25-30k. The problem with this figure is it depicts the salary of a fresh graduate who does not have the skills appropriate for the industry or no skill at all.  

According to a report published by the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS (P@SHA), one of the oldest ICT associations in the region, listed Fullstack Web Developer (MEAN/MERN) as the top in-demand talent in Pakistan. A MERN Stack Developer can earn a salary of up to Rs. 200,000. 

Join our MERN Stack Developer Course to upskill.

  1. Become a part of the fastest-growing sector in Pakistan 

With the number of mobile users increasing from just under 5 million in 2014 to well over 100 million in 2020 and the low capital requirements of the IT sector, Pakistan has witnessed an accelerated growth of the IT sector and IT-enabled services (ITeS) in the last 5 years, growing annually at 18.85%, the highest growth in the region as well as compared to other industries in the country. This growth is depicted in the increase in the number of registered companies with the Pakistan Software Export Board from 2484 in 2020 to 3013 in March 2021. There has also been an extraordinary investment in Pakistani tech start-ups in the year 2021, with $365.87 million raised, which is a 450% increase from 2020. This has created a huge surge in the demand for qualified software engineers with the appropriate skill. At this point in time, the IT industry is facing a shortage of 3 million software engineers.

But with such a huge demand and a shortage of 3 million, why aren’t more people rushing to fill this void and take up the high-paying jobs? The reason is that becoming a full stack developer isn’t the same as learning photoshop from a youtube tutorial. It requires a lot of practice, coding experience, requires you to be a critical thinker, but most important of all, you need to have proper guidance and direction, and that is where we at DevNation come in, offering you to the direction that is so crucial for your success

What we can do for you 

DevNation aims to upskill and build a successful career in tech. We have partnered up with companies like Telenor, Airlift, and many software houses that help us make structured, industry vetted courses. These courses are taught by industry leaders in live classes. The courses are rigorous but that is necessary for you to distinguish yourself from the rest and will ultimately work in your favor once you work through the program. We at DevNation offer 1:1 mentorship and we pride ourselves on being the only one in the industry who takes a risk on part of the students with our study now pay later model.

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